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Search Medicina

Medical Searches Made Easy

Be Confident

You no longer need to be embarassed or look silly by using a Google search in front of patients. Be confident in using a medical site that looks professional.

Focused Searching

Relax knowing that the search page results will return articles from medical websites, and not (unlike Google) from non-medical Molly who lives down the road.

Consulting Made Easy

Consult easier with patients by looking up information there and then, knowing you will get what you're looking for within the first two pages.

Search via Categories

For greater focus and finding information even quicker, use one of the category searches. Each category is self-explanatory.

Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Search Medicina was created by Bradford VTS to help health professionals find medical information with ease. We created this site because we know how uncomfortable it feels using Google searches for medical things in front of patients. So we made Search Medicina to look professional. Patients will be comforted in knowing you are using medical resources from a medical site than Google. You'll feel better too.

Bradford VTS is a free website training resource for health professionals in training (mainly GP trainees).

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Doctors often go straight to Google to search for things.   Even if if they know where they are heading to – like NICE CKS, GP Notebook etc.

But this creates problems…

The patient thinks you’re a duff doctor because your “Google’ing” something – which they think they can do at home.

Unless you know exactly where you are going, a general Google search delivers a plethora of links – some reliable, but many written by unqualified unknowns!   In terms of an individual’s health – that can be a dangerous game!

Simply remember ““. 

Medicina is the spanish word for medicine.   Once on the site, click a tab – like ‘patient info’ or ‘NHS sites’.  And simply plug in your search terms.  And voila, links to reliable sources.